1. In which his only reaction to the photo was “what’s wrong with my mouth??”
    But I love you, crazy.
  2. Hugs from Arielle for a cause.

  3. Taylor Swift: Red Tour 2014 (x)

  4. 091214. is-tar-baks.


  5. one direction - fireproof 

    thx for ruining my life bebz.x

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  6. 090614. Greenfield District Weekend Market


  7. "You think it’s beautiful to be hard, that it takes courage to push people away, but it doesn’t. The difficult thing is not to be stone, it’s to be water-flexible, ever-flowing, able to fit into anyone. Shutting yourself away doesn’t make you brave. Opening up does. Saying, “yes, it may hurt, it hurt before, but I am going to try it again anyway,” does. Being water does."
    — For Summer | Lora Mathis  (via lora-mathis)

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  8. 083014. Color Manila Nite Run: Glow Paint Edition! (aka I don’t have pictures of myself during the run because I’m the photographer and I’m sad hahaha)

  9. 082314. Ahh.. Children.